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We are a sustainable organisation who takes responsability for the human beings and the future generations. therefore we trackle a topic holistically. From constructural measures such as a photovoltaic installation, as well as the use of regional and recydled products and a sustainable management of the employees.


On our roof a photovoltaic system produces our eletric current. A photovoltaic system is considered as a sustainable contribution and as one of the most environmentally friendly way to produce electric current.

  • Solar panel

Bio und Fairtrade.

Our major concern is a more conscious consumption of meat. In our restaurant we offer meat from local farmers with ourdood breeding. We know the farmers as well as the green meadows where the cattle had been grown. With tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes, it is easy to abstain from meat.

We use BIO coffee with Fairtrade Label. The coffee machines in the rooms were produced in Widnau and their capsulas are compostable to 100%.

All care products are vegan and certified.

  • Fair Trade

Food waste.

Wir verwerten alles. There is no waste. We try to avoid kitchen scraps as much as possible. The portions of the meals can be adapted according to the request and need of the guests.

  • Lebensmittel


All prints are made out of recycled material. Sorting out the waste material is important to us.

  • Wald Recycling

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